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Investigations are never a pleasant experience for anyone; however, there is reassurance from obtaining the best possible advice and guidance and at the earliest possible opportunity.


For HICFG Members, Lincoln House Chambers; widely recognized as one of the leading specialist criminal chambers, with a track record of over 30 years of excellence offers a number of important services and guarantees:


Specialist team


HICFG Members will have direct access to a selected team of individuals including Queens Counsel, with a track record of appearing in and winning the most complex, sensitive and high profile cases in the country.  Offering advice and guidance to assist you prepare and where appropriate to present your case to the highest possible standard.


A commitment to the case from start to finish


Whether advising before any charges are considered, barristers can be fully involved directly at every stage and without unnecessary delay.


24 hour / 7 day access to advice from specialist barristers


Investigations do not always keep office hours.  HICFG Members will have direct access to members of the team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, either in person or by telephone, email and other remote services including video conferencing, Skype.  The depth and quality of the team at Lincoln House means that there is always a senior barrister on hand to provide advice and guidance in an emergency.


Pre-investigation advice and risk assessment


Rather than waiting for an official enquiry, many HICFG Members are reassured in advance by advice from leading experts from the team.  If an investigation does happen, the barrister will already know the issues involved and be in a position to provide effective representation from the outset.


Pre-charge advice and support


Where an investigation begins, access to some of the country’s leading barristers offers the best possible chance of a successful recovery.  Advice can be given on the legality of the investigation and assistance can be provided to point out potential areas of concern with evidence and ways of assisting the investigation. Tactical decisions, such as what questions in interview should be asked or providing specific documents to relevant authorities, can be made with an expert eye on the whole picture, including the possibility of a future trial.


Advice under Restraint Orders


Where a criminal investigation is being considered there will be the need to consider restraint orders.  In this situation it is imperative to act quickly, particularly where a business is involved, to apply to the appropriate bodies.  The teams have considerable experience in restraint proceedings, and can often draft emergency applications within 24 hours of sight of a Restraint Order.


Extradition and cross border issues in criminal cases


Where offences are said to have involved more than one country the team are well placed to advice on the best approach to any proceedings and even appear in overseas courts where local regulations permit.


Guaranteed turnaround time for written advice, telephone calls and emails


For HICFG clients, where there is a need to escalate and instruct barristers formally, then the team guarantees same day response for telephone calls and email response within 24 hours.


How to contact the team


In any investigation, time can be critical.  Anyone with a concern about any legal issue should seek advice as soon as possible and always from an expert in the field.


Contact our free advice hotline via this site or visit us on the members area fraud hub.